A quick and painless tutorial for
the Robot Wants Kitty Editor

To start, you should be looking at the blank editor screen for a new level:

You can scroll the screen by touching inside the scroll circle and dragging. You can center the screen on the Robot by quickly tapping the center of the scroll circle twice.

The button in the upper right corner (that one that looks like stairs) is the LAYOUT TOOLS button. When you touch it, you should see this:

These are all the layout tools that you can use to make a level. We'll worry about what each one does later-- for now, just touch the grey block at upper left. The grey block lets you place floors and walls that the robot can't move or fall through.

By dragging your finger on the screen, you can place layout blocks. Let's just make a very simple level to start with; draw a platform system like this.

Now we have a simple level where it's impossible for the robot to get to the Kitty. To fix this, you need to add a Jump powerup. Touch LAYOUT TOOLS again, and touch the yellow square with a J in it. This is the Jump Powerup.

Place the Jump Powerup someplace where the robot can get it (if it's off the ground, he won't be able to reach it because he can't jump without it!)

Now that we have a simple level that can be won, touch the PAINT TOOLS icon, which is directly beneath the LAYOUT TOOLS icon.

Paint tools are just decorations that do not affect gameplay. They can only be drawn over layout blocks. Touch the first paint tool (the grey/blue box in upper left) to select it.

Now sweep your finger over the grey blocks that you have already placed. The paint tool will color them appropriately.

Note: If you want to create seams or overlaps in your painting, simply touch the paint tool again. Each time you select a tool, it will seperate itself from the previous tool and stop merging the paint blocks.

Also, some paint tools will only paint on certain layout blocks:

If you want to move either the Robot or the Kitty to change their starting location, simply drag them with your finger.

Now you can click the TEST button (bottom of screen) to try out the level. If it tests successfully, and you can reach the Kitty, it can be uploading to Kitty Connect!

The icon in the lower-left corner of the screen reveals the level options. Touching back will return you to your level list, and save your level at the same time.

Kill will remove your level completely, from your device, and from Kitty Connect. There's no way to undo this, so be careful!

The info button lets you change the name or default difficulty of your level.

Share lets you share your level for other people to play on Kitty Connect, and un-share removes it again. These options will be unusable if you have not tested the level.

And that's all! But if you want to get all fancy and informed, click a link below to show more information.